Float FAQs

How much time should I allow for my visit?
You'll be floating for about an hour, allow yourself a bit of time after, as you'll need to shower and then relax with a cup of herbal tea in our recovery lounge.

What should I wear?
We recommend wearing nothing as it adds to the sensory experience but you can absolutely wear bathers if you prefer, just make sure they aren't your best as the high salt content may cause them to fade

What if I’m claustrophobic?
Our tanks rooms and tanks are actually quite spacious, but if you like you can always float with the lid open. When you're floating, you're in control of your environment at all times.

Can I drown if I fall asleep?
Falling asleep is absolutely fine. When floating, the water line sits just beneath your face so you're not at risk. You'll stay afloat while sleeping, and be gently woken up at the end as the music will fade back in.

How are the tanks kept clean?
he whole body of water is pumped through a filter 3-6 times after each float. The filter picks up things 100th the size of a human hair. It also contains a small about of bromine to kill any bacteria and the high salt content also sterilises the water.

Can I bring a Friend?
Of course. While you won't float in the same room, we have two private rooms and you can schedule your experience so that you arrive together and then enjoy our recovery lounge at the end of your experience.

I'm trying to book myself and a friend but it's not working?
You will need to create a separate account for your friend as the system thinks you're trying to be in two places at once :) 

Can I float if I’m menstruating?
Yes, just treat it the same as if you go for a swim or a spa.

Will I have my own private room?
Yes, each float tank is in it's own private room with shower, towels and a basin. Once you close the door behind you, the room is your own private space.

Do I need to bring anything?
Nope, we've got it all covered! Just arrive 10mins before your booking time and we'll show you to your float room where you'll find a towel, ear-plugs and a range of toxin-free toiletries to use.

If you'd like to brush your hair afterwards please bring a brush with you. 

We're an aerosol free zone so if you bring deodorant along please ensure it's a roll on, or use it after you leave. Aerosols have been shown to be one of the biggest pollutants of the home and we like to keep this space as low tox as possible.

What should I do to prepare?
It's best to have a light meal a couple of hours before your float, this way you won't be too hungry and you won't be too full! It's also best if you don't drink coffee for a few hours beforehand.

Can I float after getting my hair dyed?
We recommend waiting 7 days after getting your hair dyed. 

Can I bring my child with me?
The Low Tox Fox has many treatment rooms which we keep as quiet as possible - so we don't disturb other people enjoying a treatment we ask you not to bring you child to your appointment

Can I float while pregnant?
There is a lot of research on floating while pregnant, and all suggests it is great for both you and the bub especially during the later stages of pregnancy when even simple things like sleeping can cause muscle strain. Floating relieves pressure by creating a buoyant environment where you can finally escape many of the discomforts of pregnancy. Of course, as every pregnancy is different, be sure to seek your own medical advice.

What if I want to float regularly?
Floating regularly is a great habit to get into, you'll continue to get the same benefits in terms of relief and relaxation. We even have memberships available to make it even more 

What is the Process of Floating?