Free 21 Day De-Tox Challenge

If you've decided 2017 is your year to stop using toxin filled products and start living a low tox life, then this challenge is for you!

We'll be kicking things off on the 1st of March, you can expect an email from me each week full of information to help you on your low tox journey. I'll be setting some weekly challenges, just one or two things to get you thinking like a low tox fox! You'll also get access to my private Facebook group where I'll continue to support you.

After this challenge you'll understand some common toxic ingredients to avoid and learn about beautiful toxin free alternatives. You'll learn to read product labels and no longer have to rely on marketing telling you products are 'all natural' or 'free from nasties'. You'll have the tools to make up your own mind and feel comfortable with the products your using. 

Become a low tox fox!

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