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Our Story

The Low Tox Fox is a community for mindful mammas and squishy little humans.   

The Low Tox Fox was born from a simple concept: what if we made sourcing clean, natural and toxin free products really, really simple? Not just simple, but enjoyable.

So in 2017, we created a space where honesty and transparency come first.  

 A space where active mums can discover natural skincare.

A space where family and friends can buy beautiful, thoughtful gifts.

And a space where little hands can sneak their favourite toys into your basket when you’re not looking. 

Gosh, we’re so happy to have you here. 

I’m Amy Fox   

Mum, fine-print-reader + founder of The Low Tox Fox.

I started the Low Tox Fox during a personal pursuit toward a cleaner lifestyle. It took an endometriosis diagnosis, health scare and four major surgeries before I put my foot down and said something’s gotta give.      

So with a fire in my belly, I went deep down the research rabbit hole – only to find that living a natural, sustainable and toxin free lifestyle wasn’t easy.

It involved time, dedication and a whole lot of ambiguous, finicky fine-print.

But I kept enduring; for myself, my family, and the planet.

Today, I’m the proud owner of The Low Tox Fox. A store and community replacing your everyday products with natural alternatives which perform just as well (if not better).

So whether you’re just starting out or ten years in, I’m here to help you embrace your version of toxin free living.

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