Sal Remedia

Sal Remedia was created in August 2015, based on Liz's unrealistic ideas of pregnancy and motherhood, believing she would need something to keep her busy while on maternity leave. Quickly she found herself enduring common symptoms of pregnancy; swelling, restless leg, excessive weight gain, fluid retention, monstrous appetite. To find a way to enjoy this time again, because frankly it was crap and so not what she had imagined, she decided to try magnesium bath soaks to alleviate some of the discomfort.

She knew these products had to be more accessible and known for what they can do. And it quickly became her passion.

Sal Remedia has blossomed with a refined line of 100% natural products with something for everyone. Each product has been curated with her foundations in mind; creating safe, reliable and easily accessible products to help you through pregnancy, postpartum, and all stages of life.  

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