Cedar and Stone

Cedar and Stone is a 100% Plant Based Skincare company with a firm ethos on minimising harsh chemicals onto ourselves and into our environment.  Reduce, reuse and recycle. Our hope is for people to see 'natural' and 'organic' as normal, not as an alternative.

Our no chemical journey really started when kids arrived on the scene.  With kids comes various ailments, this kick started us into researching, delving, experimenting and learning all we could about what we put IN and ON our bodies - it directly affects our whole being.  Founded by sister duo Kate and Anna who were sick of going into 'organic' shops and still finding products filled with hectic chemicals. Cedar + Stone started out as products being made in a small kitchen in Currumbin Valley, Australia and has grown to products being available in over 550 stores worldwide.  We have an amazing team but we are still a very modest company and we hold our values high. 

We all have a deep love for the beach.  If we aren't working, this is where we are.  Each time we go we sit in awe of it.  So much awe - the endless waves, the large body of water that just decides to stop, the salt that instantly refreshes you, the inner child that comes out when ducking through the waves, the dolphin dives that make you giggle, the luscious feeling of hot sand on your body after a swim, the suns rays filling you to the brim, the joy on the kids faces. Yep we love the beach.

Inspired by Earths Garden. Crystals, herbs, flowers, minerals, plants and a whole lot of love reside in our products to bring you a high vibrational range.

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