Biologi Save My Skin Bundle
Biologi Save My Skin Bundle

Biologi Save My Skin Bundle

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Serum 3 pack

Cover all bases with our 3x pack including full size bottles of each serum:

  • 1x 15ml Bk {Kakadu Plum Eye Serum}
  • 1x 30ml Bd {Davidson Plum Face Serum}
  • 1x 50ml Bf {Finger Lime Body Serum}

See individual product listings for breakdown and benefits of each serum.

Protect and repair
your skin with the only three
serums you’ll ever need!

How do you ease the discomfort of sensitive skin while trying to control painful acne breakouts?
Or, how do you bring a dull complexion to life while reducing the visible signs of ageing at the same time?
If, like most, your skincare concerns expand over a wide range of common issues, it’s easy to fall into the trap of layering up moisturisers and lotions each designed for a different purpose.
Unfortunately, this is rarely a practical solution and will often result in occlusion (blocked pores) of multi-ingredient products that end up reacting negatively with each other and causing more skincare problems than they solve.

serums to treat a wide
range of skin concerns

At Biologi, we know that having one skin problem or concern doesn’t mean you don’t get others.
We understand that skincare problems can be complex, so we’ve designed a cohesive solution and chosen our native botanical extracts based on their broad range of unique benefits to the skin.
With Biologi’s Save my Skin bundle, you can now harness the power of hundreds of potent phytonutrients found in our full range of single-ingredient serums to address ALL skincare concerns without causing sensitivity, acne, or more painful problems in the process.