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I find this whole ‘keep using things until their proven to be bad for us’ thing so frustrating! How can putting chemical by-products in skincare not be bad for us?! If you check out the Environmental Working Group skin deep website you get a fantastic understanding of what chemicals to avoid. Some of them have the status ‘possibly causes cancer’ or ‘probably causes cancer’ but until it’s changed to ‘definitely causes cancer’ companies are free to keep using it, seriously!?

If you grab a steak out of the fridge and it smells really iffy do you think, ‘this will possibly/probably make me sick but I’d better eat it just so I can be 100% certain’ ummm NO you put that rank steak in the bin because you wouldn’t gamble with your health. Why don’t the big companies do the same with our skin are and cleaning products? Some shithead in a boardroom is counting his/her money while knowing what they are putting in their products could possibly/probably cause cancer or disrupt hormones, all in the name of the companies bottom line. Chemical by-products are cheap and readily available so companies continue to use them, who cares about the adverse health effects, every other big company uses it, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if a company like Johnson and Johnson just said ‘nope we’re not going to use this crap anymore, we know our products are used on millions of children so we’ve decided that if there’s any uncertainty about an ingredient we simply won’t use it.’ But they won’t, because they have shareholders and board members and executives with bonus schemes so it’s all about keeping costs down and margins high. How sad that the health of millions of people comes second to the need to make money.

I’ve just been in hospital and the hand wash in every patients room contains parabens, which are on the possibly/probably causes cancer list. Why can’t we all just unify and say enough is enough, I don’t care if it’s 100% proven, if there’s any chance this will be harmful to our health, lets stop using it!

Since I’ve been heavily involved in seeing doctors recently I’ve been wondering why we have this medical doctors vs holistic practitioners battle where they poohoo each other, can’t we take the best of both and all work together for the sake of everyone’s health? I really just don’t get it, it seems so simple yet it’s so unlikely to happen.  Doctors receive little to no nutritional training, they’re taught what pills to give you, wouldn’t it be better to fix the actual problem rather than just mask the symptoms? The whole in and out in 15 minute thing doesn’t really allow for much discussion so it feels a bit like ‘take this pill and you’ll feel better, NEXT!’ Whereas when I see my naturopath I’m there for an hour and no stone is left unturned. I’m not saying we don’t need doctors, without access to a hospital and antibiotics I literally wouldn’t be here today, I’m just saying we could all work together for the benefit of everyone’s health.

Phew, this post turned out to be a bit of a bummer, I’m usually pretty good at staying positive and feeling empowered to make better choices. *Deep breath* There are LOADS of companies doing the right thing by us, I’ve highlighted a few on my Facebook page, my Instagram feed and in my blog but if you ever want to talk to me I’m here! Or do a visitor post on my Facebook page and our little low tox community can support each other. I’ll continue to post product reviews and let you know about these awesome companies. Don’t line the pockets of the boardroom shitheads anymore! Vote with your dollars and only give them to those companies doing the right thing, remember we have the power to change stuff! *Crowd goes wild clapping and cheering* does anyone else wish life was like a movie sometimes?

Amy x


  • Amy

    Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you’re doing great already, the fewer ingredients the better and vinegar is fantastic :)

  • Barbara Radisalvjeivc

    I guess I need to get more informed on this. I don’t use very many cleaning products anymore. I mainly use vinegar and Melaleuca products, and I believe they are safe.

  • Amy

    That’s awful Jan! The more I learn about them the worse it is :(

  • Jan from Retiring not shy!

    So true. J&J are actually a pretty awful Company, their subsidiary De Puy was responsible for hip replacements that failed causing terrible damage and distress to many.

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