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I felt super guilty this week, my post about going waste free was just before my birthday and in it I harped on about not needing or wanting anything, so I put a lot of pressure on my family to get me gifts that I would like (sorry guys!) Luckily they rose to the occasion and I got some beautiful things. My Mum bought me a witch hazel tree and an apple tree which I’m super excited about! My sister got me some things I can use to make my skin care and potions in (made out of recycled glass too which is awesome), my sister in law got me a candle I can actually use made with non GMO soy wax and scented with essential oils and my in laws got be a pillow with Mr & Mrs Fox 2012 (the year we got married) embroidered on it,  how lucky am I?!

Also I have to admit that I’m a total hypocrite, after I wrote my post about going waste free and not buying as much my skin took a bit of a turn and I’ve purchased quite a few beautiful toxin free products to try to combat my adult acne. So I’m very far from perfect and really have no right to judge others so please take this my official apology for being judgy mc judge face.


I’m part of a zero waste community and most of the time I love it but sometimes I get made to feel that if I’m not perfect then I’m not doing enough, which I totally disagree with. I posted recently about Nespresso having a coffee pod recycling program and I had a few comments that I shouldn’t trust Nestle to do the right thing and when I shared my post about switching to cloth pads I got given a hard time by someone because the pads came from overseas. I don’t know… I think that’s kind of crap. Isn’t taking steps in the right direction better than doing nothing? Anyway as usual I digress, this was supposed to be about toxin free gift giving.

With Christmas right around the corner (how is it November already!?) I thought I’d tell you about a beautiful company offering gift boxes full of natural products which are (nearly) all Australian made and free of nasties. Kim from The Natural Gift Box Co contacted me a little while ago and very kindly offered to send me a For Her box  which is new to the range, I was super excited when it arrived, the packaging was really lovely.

I have to admit I would have loved one of these boxes when I was in hospital. Before I knew better I was using the soap in the hospital bathroom but stopped when I realised it contained parabens! Seriously, parabens in a hospital where people are battling with health issues already, not cool.

This box contained wotnot face wipes which are great for removing makeup or just freshening up, I have really sensitive skin and have no problems using these wipes. A little pot of coconut oil which can be used on the lips, as a makeup remover, as a shaving cream, as a moisturiser, really it’s a 10 in one kind of product. A spray hand sanitiser which is a great thing to have in your handbag so you don’t have to use those dodgy soaps in public bathrooms. A Billy and Daisy scrub which smells just like sherbet! The Kosmea rose water mist is lovely, however I was a bit bummed to see phenoxyethonol in the Kosmea exfoliant, I would ask for that to be swapped out for something else. A beautiful paw paw and honey lip balm which doesn’t contain nasty petroleum like the mainstream paw paw lip balm. My absolute favourite was the Sal Remedia nourish face mask, it’s a powder which you mix with water so it lasts for a long time and you can decide how thick you like it. It was seriously nourishing and I’m a huge fan of face masks, just a quick 10 minutes to give yourself a bit of a pamper, who doesn’t love that?

How beautiful is this message on the Natural Gift Box Co website

A gift for your best friend, mum, sister, relative or new mum – anyone would love this box full of organic and natural products! Birthday, Bridal Shower, Just Because, Get Well Soon – just let us know the occasion and we will include a card with your personalised message as well x

I think this is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give someone. Or to get for yourself 

I so love writing this blog and sharing awesome products with you guys, as I’ve mentioned previously I’ve been thinking a lot about the amount of stuff we consume and I think I was a tad harsh in my previous post. If you’re someone who loves to get new things and gets a kick out of receiving parcels on your doorstep then go for it, I think my main message is just to support amazing companies doing the right thing by us and the planet. I think it’s unrealistic to live waste free but we can certainly tread lighter on this planet, which is what I intend to do.

I listened to a great podcast lately all about avoiding overwhelm at this time of year, if you’re someone who gets easily overwhelmed during the silly season then I highly recommend you listen to it. The best piece of advice in there was, it’s fine to be busy but not ok to be overwhelmed, once you feel overwhelm creeping up on you write down your to do list from most important to least important and start crossing off things that sit at the bottom of the list. I love that advice! I really enjoy being busy but sometimes I say yes to too much and can disappoint people when I don’t get the things done which I committed to, I definitely need to be more honest and say no if I can’t do something.

I hope you all have a great silly season with family and friends, and maybe receive some beautiful toxin free gifts.

Amy x


  • Amy

    Thank you! I planted them on the weekend, fingers crossed they thrive ?

  • Flat Bum Mum

    I think the ethical pefection is really guilt inducing. We can all only do the best we can do at any given time. I hope your trees grow well and bring you lots of fruit.

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