We all know how terrible plastic is for the environment so I wont harp on about it, we're SO lucky now that we have amazing companies making it easier than ever to go plastic free.

Here is my guide to your Ultimate Plastic Free Toolkit

1. Reusable Coffee/Tea Cup

I LOVE this cup and I chose it because its 100% plastic free, unlike many keep cups the band and the lid are silicone not plastic and its actually really nice to drink from. I've never been to a cafe that refused to fill my cup for me, its so common now no one will bat an eyelid!

Joco Reusable Coffee Cup

2. Stainless Steel Straw

Say no to plastic straws and use this stainless steel one instead, I'm a huge smoothie fan and use my stainless steel straw every morning. Its super easy to clean, most of the time it just needs a good rinse with warm water but you can use the cleaning brush or put it through the dishwasher as well 

Stainless Steel Straws

3. Bamboo Cutlery Set

Refuse single use plastic cutlery when out and about and keep this super cute bamboo cutlery set in your handbag, it even comes in an organic cotton pouch! 

This was one of my biggest fails when I first tried to go plastic free, I'd always order something and check the bag after leaving the shop only to see plastic cutlery there, NOOO! Now I take out this pouch at the same time as I grab my wallet to remind me to say 'no cutlery thanks' - works like a charm 

Bamboo Cutlery Set

4. Reusable Produce Bags

I can't tell you how many hundreds of plastic bags I've avoided just by using these instead, not only that but when I put the produce in the fridge it can actually breathe so everything stays fresher for longer, no more sweaty limp lettuce in my fridge! 

Reusable Produce Bags

5. Silicone Wraps

Finally I ditched glad wrap and use these instead! I tried beeswax wraps but have to confess I didn't love them. I always wanted to wrap meat which I didn't feel comfortable doing as washing beeswax wraps with hot soapy water makes the wax melt off, these however are silicone and can be washed with hot soapy water and they actually cling to bowls much better than the beeswax ones I was using. Not only that but they can be used as baking paper as well! Just line your baking tray with them and bake as normal, how cool is that! 

6. Organic Cotton Tote Bag

FINALLY Woolworths have ditched plastic bags, woohoo! These organic cotton tote bags are the perfect replacement and they ball up really small so you can leave them in your car or handbag so you don't get caught without a bag at the supermarket.  

Organic Cotton Tote Bag

By implementing one, or all, of these things you'll be making a big impact on the plastic pollution problem, every small change makes a huge difference!

Amy x 

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