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I’m so super excited about what this year holds for me, I’ve never really been one to have New Years resolutions but I’m excited about 2017. I’ve been happy to see the the back end of the last couple of years with all the heath issues I’ve had. It was nearly 12 months to the day between when I had my first surgery and when I had my fourth and final surgery so I was super happy to see the end of that.

I’m continuing to work on my wellness, I’m still not 100% but thanks to my beautiful naturopath I’m getting there. My restricted diet has actually been a lot easier than I thought it would be and I’m feeling much better for it. Hopefully I’m on the up and up now.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I struggle with my day job, it does feel a little bit like ground hog day every day so I’m changing things up and doing something I’m really passionate about.

I won’t be giving up my day job but in the next few weeks I’ll be adding a shop to my blog! I’m partnering up with my favorite Australian brands to create a one stop shop full of all things low tox and I’m super excited!!

To be able to help someone on their low tox journey is my absolute goal, I’ll still be blogging and writing about DIY solutions because I really just want everyone to go low tox and if you prefer to make your own products that’s totally fine with me, I encourage it. For those of you who aren’t DIYers I’ll have fantastic Australian products from companies doing the right thing by us and the planet. I’ve researched and used all the items I’ll be selling so they definitely have my tick of approval.

I’ll be stocked with natural and organic skincare, makeup and cleaning products as well as organic cotton sheets, towels and clothes and I’m sure I’ll be adding more amazing low tox products along the way.

Whether you buy from my shop or just continue reading my blogs I want to say thank you, you really do make my day and I’m so super happy to have you here.

I have stock arriving this week and I’m hoping the shop will be up and running by February, for a short time I’ll be offering discounted vouchers which will help make the switch to low tox living easier. I’m here to make it super easy and fun, I hope you come along for the ride!

Here’s to 2017 being a fantastic low tox year, for all of us.

Amy x

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My heroine. I’ve been looking for healthy, tox-free alternatives to cosmetics and skin care for years and the Australian market has been a difficult one to sift through, thanks to somewhat vague regulations that companies adhere to. So I have great admiration for your quest – it is absolutely worth it. Looking forward to trying some of these amazing products.


Thanks so much Pauline xx


Amy I’m very proud of you… You go getem girl. Follow your heart and your goals will follow.


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