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I’m so super excited about what this year holds for me, I’ve never really been one to have New Years resolutions but I’m excited about 2017. I’ve been happy to see the the back end of the last couple of years with all the heath issues I’ve had. It was nearly 12 months to the day between when I had my first surgery and when I had my fourth and final surgery so I was super happy to see the end of that. I’m continuing to work on my wellness, I’m still not 100% but thanks to my beautiful naturopath I’m getting there. My restricted diet has actually been a lot easier than I thought it would be and I’m...

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The Value of No

I saw an Instagram post from a celebrity Mum the other day who said something along the lines of ‘I normally shower my kids with stuff in an attempt to make them happy but I realised I don’t need to give them so much stuff, I just need to be with them and be present in their lives,’ so they went to the park and used torn up bits of cardboard to slide down a hill and had an absolute ball. I love this! I’m all about reducing the amount of stuff we have, especially plastic stuff that’s only used for a short while but stays on the planet forever, I just find it so wasteful and unnecessary. When I...

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