Soapberries (soap nuts) - Review

I am so in love with my soapberries!!!! Soapberries (also called soap nuts) are shells from nuts with a waxy coating that foam up when mixed with water. To use for washing clothes you just put 5 shells into a small cloth bag (which comes with them) then chuck it in the washing machine with your clothes. They're very effective because of their natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. They last 5 washes and then go in the compost bin, how cool is that!

I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and I love them so much! After the first load of washing I did, I took them out and smelt them, they have a really interesting smell, my husband had a whiff and as he so eloquently put it “urgh, they fucking stink”. I don’t necessarily agree, it’s not a good or bad smell, it’s just weird but not very strong. That smell didn’t transfer to the clothes at all though which was good. I noticed after the first load that some gym clothes were still a bit smelly so I added some essential oils to the next load. I just put a few drops of eucalyptus and lavender or orange on the cloth bag holding the soapberries and it was a lot better. I don’t use fabric softener so the subtle smell from the essential oil is perfect.

We’re both office workers and the dirtiest clothes we have are gym clothes so soapberries are great for us, I think if you have a tradie in the house you might need something with a bit more washing power (although I have read a few reviews where they are praised for getting tradies clothes clean so it might be worth giving it a go). You can also use them as dishwashing detergent, shampoo or hand wash, just put them in a jar and soak them, then shake it up till it’s all foamy and use the foamy water. I just love the fact they are so natural, the fewer ingredients in something the better, so one ingredient with a couple of drops of essential oil is a definite winner for me. You can find them in my shop!

If you’ve tried them I’d love to know what you think.

Amy x

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