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I was so excited to get my delivery from Resparkle! 

Pearl from Resparkle created the brand, she was suffering for years from irritated skin and an itchy nose, she had the ‘ah-ha’ moment when she realised that the cleaning products she was using daily were actually toxic and, lucky for us, Resparkle was born.

Quote from Pearl on the Resarkle Website

“My vision is healthy homes for everyone. Resparkle goes beyond mere home care products. It is a way of empowering us with the opportunity to make small but positive change to our everyday lives. I truly believe that together, we can spark a movement that will shape the health of our homes, our community and our planet.”

The packaging is definitely worth talking about, the cleaning product actually comes in the red and blue pods that attach to the spray bottle. You fill the spray bottle to the marked line with water and then screw the pod on tightly and the cleaning concentrate drains into the bottle, so when you’ve run out you just purchase more pods and reuse the spray bottle. How fantastically awesome is that! Less landfill and cheaper because we’re not paying for all the water and it’s lighter and smaller to transport.

I was speaking with a good friend of mine not long ago and we were discussing how much we dislike cleaning the bathroom, particularly the shower as we choke on the fumes of the cleaning spray. I would have the window open, the fan on and hold my breath while cleaning the shower! And I was using a ‘planet friendly’ brand I picked up at the supermarket, turns out all the products I had from them weren’t very planet friendly at all (sodium laureth sulphate in my dishwashing liquid!? No thank you!)

Photo courtesy of Resparkle

I have to say I’m so grateful Pearl created these products. I’ve been using the Organic Kitchen and Multi Surface Cleaner, the Organic Bathroom and Glass Cleaner and the Organic Dishwashing Liquid. The Kitchen Surface spray has a lovely smell, it cleans well and doesn’t leave a filmy residue on the bench like some other brands.

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that the Bathroom and Glass spray would to the job on the mirrors but it’s amazing!! No streaks at all and the mirrors are super clean. This one has such a mild smell I opened up the bottle to make sure the liquid concentrate had dropped in from the pod. How strange is it that we’ve been conditioned to think that for something to clean effectively it has to smell really strongly of chemicals, Pearl has definitely debunked that with this Bathroom and Glass cleaner, no more choking on the smell and holding my breath while cleaning, I didn’t even have the fan on or window open. It also makes cleaning the bathroom really easy when you can use one spray for the toilet, vanity and mirror. Again no filmy residue after using this one (does anyone else stick to the toilet seat after using chemical spray cleaner or just me…?)

The dishwashing liquid smells really good as well! It’s a really fresh zingy smell, yes zingy smells are a thing. It also cleans really well and doesn’t leave your hands feeling all tight and dry. I use the Full Circle Suds Up dish brush with the sponge refills so I got the 1L refill bottle but you can also get it in a pump bottle  for next to the sink.

If you can’t tell already I’m super impressed with these Resparkle products, the range is also very affordable. You can find all the products in the shop section of this site.

Amy x

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