My Thoughts On Going Waste Free


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ‘stuff’, after watching The True Cost I’ve really cut down on the amount of clothes I buy. My only clothes purchase in the last few months has been new leggings for working out, my post surgery belly is very swollen still and I’ve also put on weight.

My old leggings are too small with some serious muffin top action happening, but even so, I really didn’t want to buy more as they’re still in  awesome condition. I struggled with it for a few weeks but finally decided to buy the same great quality leggings, which I’ve had for years and are still as good as the day I bought them, just in a bigger size.

Would you believe I was emailed a $25 voucher from my favorite online store (because I haven’t shopped in a while and they want me back!) but I didn’t use it. I wasn’t even tempted, I thought to myself, ‘do I need anything?’ The answer was no so I deleted the email. A few months ago I definitely would have bought something to use that voucher, even if it was a jumper for next winter which I didn’t need or really want.

As I’ve mentioned before, being surrounded by clutter and stuff makes me really uncomfortable. I think some people find comfort in being surrounded by possessions but definitely not me.

I’ve been struggling with this a bit lately. It’s no secret I get sent products to review and I’m always super excited to share amazing toxin free products with you guys but now my bathroom is full of stuff, and I don’t really like it. Not the actual products, they’re great, it’s just that I feel guilty for having an abundant amount of products that I don’t necessarily need. I’ve gifted a lot of it to my sister, before she buys anything I see if I’ve got something I can give her instead.

I actually feel much more comfortable making my own skin care products, which I’ve just started doing. I’m surprised at myself, when I started this journey I never thought I’d be so motivated to go waste free, I’m very far from that at the moment but it’s absolutely something I’m working towards.

It’s been a big relief deciding not to buy so much, I don’t spend time looking through websites for bargains or if there’s an event coming up I wear something I already have which is much less stressful than shopping and trying on 10 different things.

I really don’t like shopping, I enjoy online shopping but not actually going to the shops. I’ve never liked it and am always pretty uncomfortable when I go. I thought it was just the crowds and the windowless shopping centers but I also think it’s being confronted with just how indulgent we as a society are and the injustice that some people are literally starving to death while we’re walking through air-conditioned shopping centers buying our 15th pair of shoes. Which I now know have probably been made by someone working in terrible conditions getting paid next to nothing.

I knew this journey would be confronting but I thought I’d be more focused on the garbage in conventional personal care and cleaning products, now I’m much more confronted by the huge task of reducing waste. I’m making steps to go plastic free, I recycle as much as I can and I compost but there’s no doubt I can do better. And then I look at photos of landfills and get so disheartened. On one hand it makes me want to do better and change the situation and on the other I feel so overwhelmed and question if what I’m doing will make a difference.

I’m thinking about this recently as Christmas is fast approaching. I may be one of the few people who doesn’t actually look forward to it. I’m not religious at all so it’s not very special to me. I don’t like buying gifts for the sake of present exchanges, most of the time it’s not something they need or even want. I usually resort to vouchers so they can get something they will actually use. My husband and I haven’t exchanged birthday or Christmas presents for years, we just go out to a nice restaurant and enjoy a meal. Not to sound ungrateful but we have everything we want, we don’t need anything else so what’s the point in buying something just for the sake of it?

This year I’m thinking about making products for people, a lovely coffee scrub or body butter in a reused jar. I’m not sure about the boys, maybe beard oils! There is also an awesome company called The Natural Gift Box Co who make gift boxes full of toxin free products, I’ll be writing a review for one of their gift boxes soon. I’m thinking about asking to be excluded from secret santa this year but I haven’t decided yet.

My favorite part of Christmas is seeing my family so I’d hate to make things awkward by excluding us from the gift giving. I also don’t think we’re very easy to buy for as I’m pretty fussy with what comes into the house, maybe it’ll be a relief not having to buy me a gift!

Do you struggle with Christmas? If you have any ideas for waste free gift giving I’d love to hear them.

Amy x


  • LuanneH

    I agree wholeheartedly about the waste at Christmas. So much junk bought and given that is not wanted or needed! I made a decision to buy absolute minimum this year. As close to no clothes and shoes as possible. I have managed one pair of PJ’s and just bought a rash t shirt for summer. I couple this with a huge purge. I was hording a whole lotta stuff. eBay, gumtree and donations worked well for me.

  • nayzee

    Hi, love this post. I have started collecting jars so when I move out I can buy my food in bulk and store it in recyclable jars. Carry shopping home in carboard boxes. As for christmas I love the idea of putting a cookie or brownie mixture into a mason jar and kind of “bake your own” kind of gift.
    Renee x

  • Amy

    Gosh Kylie that’s such a great charity, I got goosebumps reading your comment. I’ll definitely keep that in mind and put together a bag to donate x

  • Kylie Travers

    The waste, commercialism and clutter is getting out of control for most people now. Great to hear the steps you are taking.
    One tip with the beauty products, if you have any that don’t get used, there are many charities that will take them and an initiative every Christmas time called It’s In The Bag where people fill a handbag with products and it is given to women escaping violence or are experiencing homelessness through charities. One of the ones I am involved in does this and the feedback from those who got the bags has been so emotional. For many, it was the first gift in years.

  • Amy

    Love it Luanne! It’s quite surprising how little we actually need. And it’s very liberating making the decision not to buy (and also to purge!)

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