My Guide to Toxin Free Hair Care


I’m not going to harp on again about the nasties in most conventional hair care products, you can read my previous post on SLS and SLES here, this post is about moving forward with your toxin free life and understanding just how easy it is to switch to natural hair care products.

My hair is super thick, well on its way to being 100% grey and quite curly, but my sister, who has pretty much the total opposite hair to me, uses a lot of the same products and has great results with them too so they’re suitable for most people.


  1. Shampoo, I wash my hair twice a week with Acure Repairing shampoo and conditioner. I get it in the huge bottles to reduce plastic waste and it’s also more economical. $37 sounds like a lot for shampoo and conditioner but it lasts ages! As I’ve mentioned before this stuff smells like marzipan which isn’t my favourite, but the smell doesn’t hang around so you won’t spend your days smelling like a wedding cake. I wash twice a week as that’s really all our hair needs. If you’re an everyday washer you might find your hair quite oily between washes to begin with and that’s because washing your hair everyday strips your hair of its natural oils, so your body is sent signals to produce more all the time. Once your hair gets used to being washed less often you’ll find it produces less oil, pretty cool hey? I recommend shampooing twice every time you wash your hair, and at first washing every second day and then every third, and stretching it out to every fourth when your super lazy like me!
  2. One thing to mention with natural shampoos is because of the lack of SLS they may not foam up as much as you’re used to. They also won’t strip out the oil as well as your SLS/SLES filled shampoo and that’s because SLS is very effective at removing grease, hence why it’s used in engine degreasers. Don’t despair though as there’s a super simple and cheap way to fix this, just rinse with apple cider vinegar (on a side note I’m SO bummed Cornwells switched from glass bottles to plastic bottles). While you’re transitioning to SLS free shampoo you may need to do this once a week however as your hair gets used to it you’ll find you need to do it less often, I do it once a month now. I just add about ¼ to ½ a cup of ACV into a Pyrex jug and leave it just outside the shower, after I’ve shampooed twice I grab the jug, add warm water from the shower and pour it over my head slowly working it into the roots as much as possible. I rinse it all out and then condition as normal. See I told you it was super simple! I find my hair is really shiny after I do this rinse.
  3. To tame my locks I use Vegan Organics Hair Cream, you can read my review of the Vegan Organics range here. I use a tiny pea sized amount rubbed between my fingertips so it melts and then work it through my damp hair. When I use this and let my hair dry naturally my curls are much more defined and less fluffy. It’s also very nourishing so if you suffer with dry damaged hair this would be perfect for you. I’ve also heard really great things about Yarok Feed Your Curls.
  4. I’m pretty boring with hair styles, I normally have my hair in a ponytail and occasionally straighten it and wear it out. Isn’t it always the way that when we have curly hair we straighten it and when we have straight hair we curl it?! When I go to a wedding or event I put in a little more effort and do a style which requires hairspray. I really don’t like aerosols, according The Royal Collage of Physicians aerosols are one of the biggest contributors to household pollution. Plus toxin filled hairspray really stinks! I use Acure which is a pump spray so no aerosol pollution for me! This one works great, very similar to a conventional hairspray but it smells much better.
  5. Getting rid of those pesky greys! It’s quite difficult to find a 100% toxin free hair dye, there is hair print but it takes 3 application over 3 hours and I haven't quite worked up to that yet. I’m happy using a low tox option as I’m pretty toxin free in other areas and I only dye my hair every couple of months, I usually use this packet dye which is 100% ammonia, resorcinol and paraben free, and uses the lowest possible percentage of PPDs. It’s also packed full of certified organic extracts. My favourite part is it doesn’t have a strong chemical smell at all and it really works to cover my greys. My hairdresser now uses an ammonia free dye so I occasionally get it dyed professionally, the only issue with that is not everyone in the salon will be getting their hair done with this dye so the smell in there is pretty strong which isn’t ideal.
  6. I sometimes get a bit of an itchy flaky scalp (pretty sexy hey?) I haven’t worked out the root cause (no pun intended!) but it doesn’t happen very often. To help treat it I use Weleda Revitalising Hair Tonic which contains Rosemary oil and Burdock Root. These hair loving ingredients are known for their ability to treat a wide range of hair and scalp issues including the treatment of thinning hair, itchy scalp and dandruff. It’s super simple to use, just pour some on your fingertips and apply it to your scalp, I part my hair to make it easier to apply and just work my way over the problem areas.

And there you have it, my (mostly) toxin free hair care routine. If you’ve tried Hair Print I’d love to know how you went, if you don’t want to post below feel free to email me

Amy x


  • Amy

    No problem Helen! I used to wash every day too and it’s taken a while to transition to every 4 days :)

  • Helen K

    I have always wanted to try this – I’m so used to my daily wash that it’s actually become part of my routine. But maybe – maybe – one day I’ll manage the transformation. Thanks for setting it out so clearly,

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