My First Float Experience


It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of floating but I have to admit, I didn't like it at first.

My husband introduced me to it and I was really surprised that he liked it. He's a 'go' person, constantly moving, restless legs, always on his computer or phone (we both have unhealthy addictions to our phones, we're working on it). So when he told me that he was going to give floating a go, and explained to me what float tanks were and some of the benefits, I thought he'd come back saying he didn't enjoy it BUT he absolutely loved it and is now an avid floater!

I'm all for alternative and natural therapies so I wanted to get in on the action, I booked my first float and was bit a little sceptical that I'd enjoy it, I'm no good at quietening my mind and meditating. I was shown into the float room and told what to do, I was really excited and kind of nervous about spending an hour with myself. I hopped in the tank and turned off the lights, waited for the music to stop and expected to be in a zen state for the next 50 minutes. As initially suspected, I couldn't quiet my mind, I kept thinking useless things like 'I wonder how long I've been in here', 'surely the music will come back on in a minute', 'have they forgotten I'm in here?'. It felt like I was in there for well over an hour, I was restless and bored. I started bouncing around off the edges of the tank, which was actually really fun. 

I was told that first floats can be enjoyable but that the real magic starts to happen from the second float. I booked in again a couple of months later and I had THE BEST experience, I knew what to expect so my mind wasn't questioning everything, I was relaxed, I breathed slowly, I knew the water would support me so I properly let go. At one point I felt like a mind just floating in space.

The water is body temperature so you can't feel it on your skin, the salt content of the water is so high that you are completely supported and don't have to use a single muscle. It's dark (you can leave the light on if you want) it's quiet and amazingly comfortable.

As I mentioned I'm addicted to my phone, I use being a business owner as an excuse to check social media WAY too many times each day but I'm working on it and actually getting better. I love that for 60 minutes I literally can't pick up my phone, I'd doesn't matter what notifications I may have, what emails I've received or calls and messages I've missed, this is my time for hanging out with myself and despite thinking I wouldn't like it, I actually love it! It might sound a bit woo woo but sometimes I feel like I'm losing myself, I'm sure I'm not the only one who identifies more with what they do rather than who they truely are. I often hear mothers saying they've lost their own identities since becoming a Mum and I feel a bit the same way in becoming a business owner, thats not who I am thats what I do, and yes my heart and soul is in this business but I'm also a person separate to this business and sometimes it's nice to fully explore being that person. I hope that wasn't too woo woo for you! 

The other thing that really improved my float experience was realising that I didn't need to switch off my mind and that, in fact, the tank is a great place to think through problems and be a bit more creative. Float tanks aren't actually a new invention, they were first invented by Dr John C Lilly in 1954 and were called Sensory Deprivation Tanks, which sounds kind of scary compared to float tanks. Many scientists wondered what would happen if a person was cut off from all sensory stimulation and from interactions with the world outside. Scientists influenced by the "behaviorist" school, thought of the brain as an organ that reacts to stimuli. They predicted that if all outside stimuli were cut off, the brain would cease its activity resulting in a condition resembling coma, or dreamless sleep.

What they found was actually the opposite, the isolated mind becomes highly active and creative, so don't beat yourself up if you get into the tank and your mind buzzes, embrace it and go with it, you might be surprised with what you come up with! You can even come into the tank thinking of a problem you'd like to solve, or just see what pops up.

One of the reasons your mind sparks creativity is that it's free from the normal barrage of signals it's constantly receiving. Not only do we have external stimulation like phones, computers, iPads, laptops, TV's our brains are also always monitoring our bodies. I think it's fair to say most people are pretty tense and our bodies are constantly trying to get back into balance, when you're in the tank all tension melts away and the brain can take a break from trying to help which allows it to focus on other things. Sounds like a win win to me! 

I always leave with the feeling that I'm still floating, just lightly moving through my day, not letting anything worry me. I also always have an amazing nights sleep after a float, the super magnesium boost does wonders for aiding sleep.

After a rocky start I now love floating and all it's amazing benefits and I offer all new customers their second float free so you can experience the magic of the second float, like I did! Whether you float with me or somewhere else, I really hope you give it a go.

Amy x 

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