Making the Switch to Reusable Cloth Pads

Recently I made the switch from disposable organic cotton pads to reusable organic cotton cloth pads, and the verdict? I love them! They’re more comfortable than disposables and so easy to use. I bought a pack from HannahPad Australia for $150 which included 2 small, 4 medium, and 2 large as well as some wet bags and some soap to soak them in. HannahPad do lots of packs, including some small starter packs so you can trial them and see if you like them before investing in more.

It’s extremely important to choose organic cotton sanitary products as conventional products have been found to contain a combination of plastics, cotton, synthetic fibres, wood pulp and fragrances. That really boils my blood, we assume because items are available on the supermarket shelves they’ve been tested and are safe to use. Is it really any wonder that the rates of endometriosis and fertility issues have risen so dramatically in the last decade? Anyway, I digress.


When I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was making the switch I got some comments from people saying it was gross but I don’t feel that way about it. It’s not gross at all, it’s such a normal part of a woman’s life and it happens every month for decades so there’s no point being grossed out, embarrassed or ashamed about it.

I may find it a little less gross that others as this time last year I had a colostomy bag, which wasn’t as easy to deal with as pads, so I found this an absolute breeze. It’s super easy, as soon as you take the pad off rinse it straight away, then put it in a tub of soapy water to soak for at least 12 hours. I soaked them in a plastic Tupperware container. Since I’ve made the switch to glass I have lots of unused Tupperware around so this was a great way to use them. You could also use an old ice-cream container if you want something with a lid. I left some in there soaking for well over 12 hours, I didn’t want to do lots of separate washes so left them soaking until I had enough to wash.

After a good soak just put them in the washing machine and wash as normal, it’s very important to make sure to dry the pads quickly and completely as you don’t want to risk mould growing in them! Ideally you’d put them on the line in the sun as the sun is great at zapping stains and drying quickly. As it was the middle of Melbourne winter when I started using these pads I dried them inside on the clothes horse.

It turned out the lack of sun was ok as the pads weren’t stained at all after washing, which I was actually a little surprised about. If you’re worried about being discreet the pads have really beautiful coloured patterns as the outer material so just leave them upside down or facing the wall. I’m lucky that my husband is not weirded out about stuff like that, he couldn’t care less actually which made it easier for me as I didn’t feel like I needed to hide anything.

So lets work out the cost per wear because I’m an accountant and like to do things like that. This pack was $150 which works out to about $19 each, these pads should last 2-3 years if cared for properly. Using them 12 times per year for 2.5 years is 30 uses; 19/30 = .63 per wear, that’s super cheap! I really encourage you to give cloth pads a try, you may be surprised at how easy it actually is. I’d love to hear from you if you do.

Amy x


  • edie115

    Amy.. I used to have these and they were soooo cool…. No staining, environment friendly and totally funky! I think I even had leopard skin stylee. People are so silly about this stuff. Cloth pads rock. Great post ?

  • Jo

    I just looked on hannahpad website. Did you get the extra clip i read about? Something about fitting different undies!!

  • Amy

    Ooo leopard print would be awesome! I agree, I think they rock too :)

  • Amy

    Oh awesome Jo! Ardy’s a lucky boy.
    I find them more absorbent than disposables so I wore them for a bit longer than I normally would. The outer layer is waterproof so there’s no leaking. I found these to be longer than disposables too so no worries overnight :)

  • Jo

    I’m using cloth nappies on Ardy so thinking i could do this too! How long can you keep pads on for & what about overnight??

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