Kibi Raw Minerals - Review

I recently tried Kibi Raw Mineral makeup and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the coverage of this foundation. I suffer from a bit of chacne (chin acne) and this mineral foundation covered it nicely without being heavy.

I’m English and have what you might call a porcelain complexion so I used the #2 warm ivory, I also used the bronzer and peach blush. The great thing about Kibi is you can get sample pots at a very reasonable price, I got the #1 & #2 foundation, bronzer and peach blush all delivered for $44. I was expecting really tiny pots but I’ve used it a few times and have more than half left.

I love the coverage and the colour however it did make my skin feel a bit tight, I emailed Kibi and asked if they could recommend a primer or something to wear underneath to help with this and the lovely Kim suggested I use more moisturiser and buff it into my skin a bit more causing it to oxidise without clogging and give a smoother finish. The next time I used it I put on my moisturiser and tinted moisturiser and buffed it a bit more and no more tight/dry feeling, thanks Kim!

I don’t wear a lot of make up, I own about 3 eyeshadows that came free with other products so I also used the bronzer as an eye shadow, the #1 shade foundation is very light so I’ve been using that as an eyeshadow for the inner corner then blending to the bronzer on the outer (can you tell I totally suck at makeup!?)

I’m no selfie expert and my eyebrows are kind of out of control but here’s my no makeup/makeup comparison (l’m wearing a different eye shadow in this photo, not the bronzer)

Kibi Minerals

I’m really impressed with the company and the products, they are Australian owned and made, not tested on animals, nano free and vegan friendly. You can check out the range in my shop! 

Amy x

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