How To Survive A Cold - The Low Tox Way

Winter is Here

This time last month I was in the UK, it was beautiful and warm, clear blue skies and super sunny, now I'm back in Melbourne and it's not any of those things, it's freezing!

The plane was awful as well, I think half the passengers had the plague they were coughing so much, so not surprisingly I got a terrible cold after I got home, it's the worst one I've had in years but I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better now! 

So having just gotten over a terrible cold I thought I'd share my low tox cold survival guide.

1. A bath with mineral salts and/or bentonite clay is your friend, the clay draws out toxins and you absorb magnesium which is great for just about every function of the human body.

I confess I don't really enjoy baths (GASP!) Most of the time I get bored and think of all the other stuff I could be doing so it's not normally a nice relaxing time but I still wanted the benefits so I decided to have a foot bath while watching TV, best. thing. ever.

I actually had a float session a couple of days into my cold and the next day I felt about 50 times better, it was hard leaving the house while I felt so average but it was definitely worth it. 

2. Seriously, get a diffuser and diffuse some essential oils. I could't breath through my nose at all for a few days which I absolutely hated as I cant stand breathing through my mouth, and I sounded like Darth Vader which wasn't actually that cool. So I diffused an essential oil blend which included eucalyptus and other snot busting oils and voila, I could breath through my nose again, which also made sleeping a heck of a lot easier, woohoo!

3. Use a neti pot. It's basically a little tea pot which you fill with warm salty water and tilt your head while you pour it into one nostril and it comes out the other. I've been scared of trying this as I thought it would feel like I was drowning but it was absolutely fine and I wish I'd gotten one sooner. Good quality salt is amazing for clearing congestion and it definitely worked for me. 

4. Use an awesome vapour rub. As serendipitous timing goes this was pretty good, I ordered some SIMPLE as that products for my new shop (opening later this month eeep!) and in my package was the amazing vapour rub so I cracked that baby open and pretty much bathed in it, and it was amazing for clearing the congestion! The cold had made it's way to my chest and it helped to break up all the rubbish and made it easier to breathe. It's full of beautiful essential oils and smells amazing. I know, I know I say everything smell amazing but when products contain awesome plant based ingredients they do smell amazing! 

4. Make your own throat lozenges. I made some with honey and added lemon essential oil and clove essential oil. The clove is numbing so it was my version of the strepsil numbing lozenge without all the creepy ingredients. 

Home Made Lozenge

To make your own three ingredient lozenge firstly caramelise half a cup on honey by bringing it to the simmer for about 10 minutes, if you drop some in ice water and it hardens you know it's ready. After taking it off the heat I added 6 drops of lemon essential oil and only 2 drops of clove essential oil as clove is seriously potent. Now I'd like to add here that I'm no expert in consuming essential oil, I made these and consumed them and I'm fine (yay) but if you're not sure about consuming essential oil please speak to a health practitioner. 

I used my If You Care baking paper and spooned out little blobs (technical cooking term), let them cool and harden and BAM you've got your own sore throat lozenges, which are actually really yummy. You're welcome. 

So there you have it, a low tox guide for surviving a cold.

I hope you have a beautiful low tox week.

Amy x 

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    Sounds awesome thanks Amy

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