Handmade Whipped Body Butter

Is there anything coconut oil can't do!? From cooking to oil pulling, to shaving and now to body butter, it's definitely a staple in my panty. This was seriously easy to make and is really lovely to use. Great timing too as it would make a great Christmas present :-) Ingredients Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Organic Jojoba Oil Lavender Essential Oil

I was only making a small jar so I used 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil so as a general rule, 3 parts coconut oil and 1 part jojoba oil and adjust to the size of the batch you are making. I melted the coconut oil, you can use the double boiler method or the microwave, I know most people would argue that the double boiler method is best but I understand if you just want to melt it quickly in the microwave, no judgement here! Once the coconut oil is completely melted add the jojoba oil and the essential oil and mix well, I used 4 drops of lavender essential oil but you can use your preference.  Once all combined place in the fridge and allow to harden on top and around the edges, not completely as then it'll be very hard to whip! Mine took about half an hour. I used my handheld electric beater to whip the butter, it only took a few minutes before it looked lovely and creamy. whipped-body-butter-4Spoon into a clean glass jar and boom, homemade whipped body butter! whipped-body-butter-jar

If it's warm you'll need to store this in the fridge as the coconut oil will melt and it'll no longer be whipped so you'll end up with a jar of oil, which is very upsetting when you go to use it! Have fun whipping!

Amy x


  • JacintaKeeble

    Looks amazing!! Going to make this.
    I want to start cutting down on all of the toxins that I put on my skin but labels are so confusing!
    This seems a lot more straight forward to me.

  • justsofija

    Looks amazing!! Omg I need to try, coconut oil is always a good idea :)

  • Toni Edwards

    Omg I need to try this I didn’t know you could make body butter x

  • Amy

    Awesome Collette! I love it when I already have the ingredients for a recipe :)

  • Amy

    Yeah labels definitely can be very confusing! It’s always nice to know exactly what’s going on your skin. I hope you like it :)

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