I'll admit it, winter isn't my favourite time of year, I prefer my days longer and seeing plenty of sunshine but I do love snuggling up on the couch under a blanket and watching movies as well so I guess it isn't all all bad! 

One thing I don't love about winter is how dry my skin can get, between the cold wind and dry heating its a recipe for dry flakey skin 

My absolute favourite winter skin saviours are

1. Marigold Hydrating Creme

This beautifully rich creme provides seriously intense moisture and also repairs the skin. It contains bio actives of Kakadu Plum, Cornflower, Willow Bark as well as Marigold giving it a lovely gold colour. The smell is amazing too!

This creme has been amazing for me in terms of healing acne breakouts or dry damaged skin, I use it before bed as a night cream and because its so rich a little goes a long way! 

You can also use this on your hands and cuticles if they are suffering thorugh winter. 

2. Rose Hydraring Mist

I used to think toner was just made up by marketers in order to sell more products but it's actually super helpful for delivering hydration and nutrients to the skin. 

I love this Rose Hydrating Mist because, as the name suggests, its super hydrating and also anti-inflammatory, which is great for me as I suffer from the occasional bout of hormonal breakouts.  

In summer I just use it at night but in winter I carry it it in my bag and sprits my face throughout the day, heating really does a number on my skin so it need a lot more care in winter.

3. Cacao and Vanilla Lip Butter 

This lip balm is probably my favourite product ever, it smells like chocolate and vanilla and is super hydrating, in fact sometimes when I put it on before bed its still on my lips when I wake up! 

It's a delicious and conditioning vitamin rich lip treatment containing nourishing butters of cocao and coconut, kissed with a touch of pure vanilla, ummmm yes please! It's also vegan and certified organic. 

4. Dry Body Brushing

 Bass Body Brush

Confession time, I often forget to do this and then when I remember and actually do it my skin feels so amazing I think 'why don't I do this more often!' It makes so much sense that this transforms the skin, our skin is a detoxification pathway and if its clogged up then we can't detox efficiently so the skin becomes congested and skin problems can occur. Skin is the last organ to receive nutrients in the body, yet the first to shows signs of imbalance or deficiency so we need to look after it! 

Using a body brush, brush your skin while dry always motioning towards your heart for the added benefit of lymphatic drainage and . The benefits of dry brushing include:

Increased Circulation
Skin cell renewal
Reduces the appearance of cellulite

5. Salt Scrub 

Salt Scrub

This Himalayan Salt Scrub from Eco Tan was designed to use as a pre tan so you have soft even skin before tanning, I don't really use tan (other than my winter skin!) but I like to use this once a week.

When used on dry skin the scrub is very intense, I like to use it before getting into the shower but if you like a less intense scrub you can use it with a bit of water. It's consistency is very think and it contains nourishing oils so as you scrub away the dry skin it helps to nourish the skin underneath - seriously so good! 

6. Body Moisturiser

Coconut Body Milk

This all over moisturiser is amazing! It has a subtle coconut scent so reminds me of a warm tropical holiday, its full of certified organic skin loving ingredients to soothe and nourish the skin. 

With a luxurious blend of organic aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba and macadamia, Coconut Body Milk soothes skin and delivers intense nourishment making it great for people with eczema or dermatitis, I've seen some amazing results from my customers who have used this. 

I like to put it on before bed but using straight after the shower is great as well. 


And there you have it, no more chapped hands and lips or scaly skin, just beautiful natural products to cocoon yourself in this winter

Amy x 




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