4 Toxin Free Things I Always Have In My Handbag


I know I just posted a list a few days ago but I’m doing the ProBlogger challenge this week (a post a day eeek!) and the first challenge is a list post!

So I thought I’d write a list of low tox things I never leave home without.

1. When going low tox you start to look at public bathroom soap like poison (hyperbole yes, but who doesn’t love a dramatic statement?!) so I avoid the weird hand soaps and use my Dr Bronner’s lavender hand sanitiser instead, just a couple of sprays and rinse. No poison for me!

2. Weleda skin food, this stuff is pretty amazing. Weleda have used the same formula since 1926, it can be used as a lip balm, face moisturiser, hand cream. Emmily from Depths of Beauty recently posted a video on how to use it as a cheek highlighter, basically you can use it for just about anything. It’s pretty thick so if you’re using it on your face or body I recommend rubbing it in your hands first to heat it up and thin it out.

3. TOM tampons, no toxins I’m my lady parts thanks! Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops and pesticide residue has been found in many cotton products, including tampons, eww!! TOM use certified organic cotton which isn’t sprayed with pesticides so no toxin filled tampons here.

4. Sunscreen, my porcelain skin doesn’t do so well in the sun, more than 20 minutes and I start to burn. I use the Eco Tan coconut sunscreen, it’s very thick and if you get the untinted one like me, it does leave you looking very white, but I love it, it works very well and smells lovely. Many sunscreens are absolutely packed with toxins so I don’t mind one that’s not perfect, toxin free and stops me from burning are my main goals.

I just ordered this Honey and Heid Poppins bag which is being made locally in Mornington as I type, I’m so excited to get it, now I’ll always be able to refuse plastic bags as most things should fit in this! Do you have any low tox products you never leave home without?

Amy x


  • Resa

    I’m always looking for non toxic items. What a handy list! I didn’t know that Dr. Bronner makes a hand sanitizer – yay! I’ll look out for that.

  • Amy

    Thanks Resa :) Dr Bronner’s have added a lot to the range, they even have toothpaste!

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